The Barcelona Way of Total Footbal

La Liga – the Spanish top soccer league has kicked off again. That is, the league start was more of a totter than a kick as the players went on strike the first weekend of the league. The rivalry between the keepers, Barcelona, and their eternal antagonists Real Madrid looks set to be more intense than ever, and the ball is rolling again with more vehemence than ever before!

When Barcelona tore down Real Madrid 5-0 at home in their legendary stadium Camp Nou on the 29th of November 2010 many analysts and fans alike started talking about the greatest soccer match ever. When what is considered the best team in the world disposes เว็บแม่ ufabet of the second best with style and ease, big words tend to be used. probably, the Barca team of the season 2010/11 might have had more creativity than most any team in soccer history, yet the word that occurs to describe the success it is; tradition.

The club was founded 29/11 1899 by Swiss entrepreneur Hans Gamper, and won the first major trophy winning the Spanish league in 1929. Even though the club enjoyed a row of triumphs in decades to come, the tradition that today’s Barcelona style is rooted in, has its origin in the Dream Team when Dutch legend Johan Cruyff was skipper from 1990 to 1994 experiencing immense success.

Cruyff came aboard FC Barcelona as a player in 1973 winning the Spanish league on the first try. At his peak Cruyff was maybe the best European player of his generation and his name regularly features when considering the all time greats of soccer. While he was at the wheel as manager between 1988-1996 the club won four league titles and one European cup title. But, maybe his longest lasting legacy is the philosophy of football that he was instrumental in instituting. Cruyff was a product of the 70s Dutch school of Total Football. The core idea was to delete the traditional demarcations between defenses and attackers.